Croatian Adventures and Run In’s with Moscow Authorities

If you follow me on Snapchat you probably know that I’ve been traveling a lot lately. But my island hopping adventures across Croatia took the lead in epic trips! I had the amazing opportunity to go on Life Before Work’s YachtLife. The yacht, the food, the parties, the people, the activities, and the tours were beyond what I expected!

Katie and I arrived in Split, Croatia a couple days before YachtLife began to start our own craziness. First we met up with my friend Eric. I met Eric almost exactly 1 year ago at Burning Man in a castle. We have a pretty crazy story actually… He asked Steve and Stacy (my second parents) for permission to take me on an adventure. Steve responded by saying, “Be respectful and have her back by 6am” and then took a photo of his face. Haha From there on, our adventure began and we ended up getting kicked out of the orgy dome and going on an epic journey to find Deadmau5 through the dark playa. I could tell from the second we met up with Eric, that our trip was going to be amazing. Later that night we ran into a few of our Aussie friends along the way (The Sams). Partied all night at Vanilla, ended up on the beach and then had one of the worst hangovers of my life! Love those boys!

After lugging my huge suitcase, which soon broke, about a mile uphill we met up with our yacht group. The group of 30 travelers were from all over the world and had some of the most vibrant personalities I’ve ever encountered. We all immediately clicked. The Yacht was amazing!
The rooms were beautiful and the staff was so kind. From that moment the parties began and so did the backflips off the yacht! We even had our own DJ! The following day we sailed to Makarska and I casually decided to sign a waiver, ride up on a crane over the ocean and bungee jump! It was exhilarating! We went to the most epic club that night; we were literally dancing our asses off in a cave with the moon lighting up the ocean.

Mike Graziano, founder of Global Degree, along with his team of videographers joined YachtLife to film our adventures. Mike and his team are visiting every UN country in the world in order to earn a real world education. They even have a show on the Discovery Channel. The concept is amazing. I’m so glad I was able to be apart of their journeys throughout Croatia. I’m not going to lie; I might have stolen one of their videographers and had a couple photo shoots with him along the way. Lol Love you Andrew Santos!

My favorite night in Croatia was pretty chill and took place in Komiza.  Now that I think about it, earlier that day the girls and I climbed into a police officer's car and made him drive us to the bars! hahaha That night our group made its way to this beautiful outdoor nightclub along the coast. In order to get there we hiked along oceanside cliffs. That night happened to be a full moon. You could nearly see every star.

 Eric and I are pretty similar. We like to be social but at the same time we gravitate towards peacefulness. I remember following him to the top of the cliff top bar where no one seemed to be, and laying down on the stones and taking in every bit of night. It was such a spiritual experience. I felt so at peace and so content with everything. We decided to take a walk along the coast of this small town. The smell of fresh bread caught our attention, and next I know I’m at the window of a bread factory at 2am watching the bread come out of the oven. So obviously we bought a loaf. Best decision of the night! We broke it open and it was so warm and smelt amazing! Best bread we’ve ever had! Our next mission was to find jam. Sadly, we were unsuccessful and then were offered to have a threesome or possibly a foursome with Jacob and his plant.. Who knows maybe we did or maybe we didn’t ;) It didn’t matter though; the night was still perfect in my eyes.

When we got to Korcula we raided this small beach, set up our DJ booth, and started a massive dance party! It was absolutely insane! The locals even joined in! We all danced for hours! The best part was a 6-year-old Hungarian boy taking over the party and showing he was a lil G. The kid had moves. I think he was everyone’s spirit animal. Such an epic day! 

We went to this really cool remote beach when we were in Vis. It was probably a couple mile hike down this steep cliff. The views were incredible. When we got to the bottom there was this adorable little bar. Katie and I instantly made friends with owners. They took us into their little kitchen area, which kind of resembled a dungeon (they called it the palace). But they were super cool (and beautiful) and we hit it off. They offered us some super strong Croatian alcohol so we decided to take a shot with them. It hit us hard. So obviously we took another! Lol moments later we were hammered and had to hike back up this massive cliff. Lets just say I don’t remember much after that! Haha Apparently the guys came looking for us that night and somehow ended up on our Yacht. No idea how.

We spent our last day in Hvar. Hvar is pretty notorious for being the party island. There’s this famous day club called Hula Hula. I’ve heard so many crazy stories about this bar! Lets just say they are all true! It was madness! So amazing, by far the craziest party day! I will never forget the sunset. The colors that evening were so vibrant. Sitting on the dock at hula hula I escaped the madness and was in my own little world just appreciating my journey.


Croatia was so epic, Katie and I didn’t want to leave.. and neither did my suitcase. Haha I think at that point only 1 wheel was remaining. We made our way to the airport and had a 13-hour layover in Moscow. We slept, slept some more, and oh yeah Katie disappeared and I almost got taken by the Russian authorities. I’ll explain. So anyone who knows Katie knows she doesn’t really pay attention to her surroundings. So we’re at the gate, Katie was chatting with a girl and I fell asleep a few seats over. I wake up and she’s gone but all of her things are by me. I ask the girl where Katie went and she said she had no idea. I get up and start looking for her and can’t find her anywhere. Our phones don’t have service and the wifi doesn’t work. I have no way of contacting her. About a half hour passes and there is still no sign of her, I start to panic a little. Katie is never by herself; it’s just really unlike her. So I go up to the authorities at the gate and ask if they can make an announcement saying for Katie Teresi to come to the Gate 22. They start mocking me and calling me names, I’m pissed at this point and am really worried. So I get in the man’s face and start to argue with him. He then grabs my arms and starts screaming at me. This has now turned into a bad situation. I have a Russian cop pissed at me. I try to explain to him that I just want to find my sister. He laughed at me and then called me a stupid b****. At this point I knew I needed to shut my mouth and continue to look for Katie. I’m frantically asking everyone in the airport if they have seen my sister.. no one has. And then all of a sudden I see her casually walking in my direction after a whole hour of me panicked and looking for her. I’ve never been so angry with her in my life. Lets just say the flight from Moscow to LAX was a long one.

Check out this video to see some trip highlights!

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    Welcome, dear Miss. Delighted to meet you. Maybe can I,“Please” buy you a drink? Therefore, we may chat, soon. Good happy. Peace & Amen. Thanks for reading. Nice bye.

  • Jason Teston

    very proud and happy to see your snaps and the adventures you go on.

  • Jorge

    Hey Bri, I’ve seen a few of your Snapchat stories. Always nice to see you are doing something fun and living life. Enjoyed reading your blog. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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    Where did Katie go at the airport??

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    I’m so proud of you? You make me nervous though sometimes ?

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