The Narcissist and His Personality Test

A few nights ago I met a very well known entrepreneur *cough cough* “that went from broke to driving a lambo and Ferrari” over one of my social media platforms. We chatted for a bit and then he asked for my number. There’s been a lot of hype about him, so I figured I’d pick his brain since it belongs to “Mensa.” For those of you who are not familiar with Mensa, it is an international high IQ society. As we texted back and forth that evening, he asked me what I was doing later that night, and I told him I was working on my website. He then told me to come over and he could help me out with my website and give me some tips. As you guys know, I recently launched my website, and thought what better advice could I get than from a so-called marketing expert. Part of me was leery but the entrepreneurial business side of me saw the opportunity. So of course the strong woman within me sent him a text which read, “Ok, you better be on your best behavior. I don’t deal with LA shit. I come from a good family and have an education. I’m just putting that out there because I don’t really know you.” I just wanted to make sure he knew where I stood, especially because it was getting later in the evening and he insisted that I meet him at his house. When I was a bit hesitant he told me just come to my house and park on the street and then was like do you like fast cars? (said in a sleazy voice). Lambo or Farrari? And my butler will come outside when you arrive. I guess I was supposed to be impressed… like I haven’t gotten that line before. Lol * brings back memories of when I was in a garage and the dude was like so should we take the Rolls-Royce or the Ferrari babe? But that’s another story… *

Something inside me told me you know his guy is a total douche, but F*** it you like a little adventure and don’t want to miss out on a possible business opportunity. So I went for it. So first off, the so-called butler was not a butler. She was a very sweet older woman who I later found out was his assistant. The first red flag appeared when it was 10pm and she’s taking me through his backyard to his gym and dojo and then softly says he will be working out with his trainer and bodyguard and just really likes to work out around beautiful women. So I say to her, “Why the hell do you work for this guy?!” At this point curiosity is running through my veins. I figured being around this many people nothing bad was going to happen to me. So I walked in and he immediately begins to insult me in front of his minions, because apparently I was defensive when I questioned his intentions prior to coming over. Lesson to all women, especially women in LA, always question people’s intentions and never feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. Your safety is more important than your ego. I was a bit taken aback by his abrasive comments, especially given the situation. I take it well though and throw on a smile, attempting to lighten the situation. However he still continues with the rude remarks and then throws a camera in my face and starts posting a bunch of photos and videos with me. After a few minutes of this he finally settles down and becomes playful. So I’m thinking maybe he’s just showing off in front of his minions, who aren’t so little, they are actually giants compared to him. I begin to think maybe he’s not so bad. FYI I always tell someone where I’m going, usually it’s my momma. Shoutout to JD, because he knows this…;) but that’s another story.

I texted my mom telling her that I arrived and that the dude seems like a harmless asshole. After filming my entrance into his dojo/gym, the sweet assistant says come with me honey lets get you fitted for some gym clothes. Second red flag… who has 30 pairs of assorted sizes of women’s tennis shoes underneath his stack of dozens of bikinis?! BTW he didn’t even let me keep them, that’s probably how he keeps his money since he doesn’t give anything away. I reluctantly change into a skimpy little exercise outfit, which is of course his brand. I am then told to go encourage him… so I kick him in the balls, seriously! I thought that was encouragement.   I mean I am giving him free advertisement that I normally would be paid very well to promote, once again shows how he keeps his money. My understanding of coming over, going to coffee in one of his “fast cars” and discussing business has turned into a workout session with me representing his brand.  At this point, I’m very confused. It’s as if I’m part of a reality show; cameras are still being thrown in my face while he is giving entrepreneurial advice to his following. Once I have accepted the fact that this is not going to be a business meeting I make the best of the situation and hit it off with the others. For some reason this dude just really enjoys psychoanalyzing me in front of everyone. I felt that this even made the others uncomfortable with the way he was verbally attacking me. But honestly I was having a great time, I mean how could you not when you have an entire dojo to just play in?! I spent most of the time just goofing off and chatting with the others. It was a great time… until he pulled out the personality tests. Things got weird. I mean I was aware that he enjoyed pointing out personality flaws and seemed to be gaining his energy from it, but this is when the entire night turned for the worse.

Once he sees the results from the extensive questionnaires he sits the two other girls and I down in his bedroom and begins to offer his “wisdom.” He begins to attack us… especially me. Yes, I was the most extraverted and engaging out of the group but the verbal attacks were quite strange and overly aggressive. He went as far as saying that I clearly don’t associate with individuals of his intellect. And then he started to talk about how he only associates with like-minded people. This is when I began to laugh because I had actually ran into a couple of my friends that night at his house who he associates with. At this point it became quite clear to me that this man does not like strong women who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. This was the sole reason for him verbally attacking me. He was trying to use his “power” to break me. As dramatic as it seems, it was true. He continually would interrupt me when I was talking about things I was passionate about and just throw insults my way. He obsessed over me having a “defensive nature” and having anxiety issues. He went as far as saying that anyone that I was currently dating must be bad because I’m just a bad version of myself.

But I didn’t let this break me. I knew his motive. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me broken and crawling to him. That was not going to happen.

I am very fortunate to have many strong minded and successful men in my life who encourage and empower me. Meeting successful men who are threatened by strong minded women just fires me up to work even harder and become successful. This type of man addresses his insecurities by psychologically attacking women to make them feel incompetent. Their goal is to have you rely on them in order for that person to control you and make you submissive, eventually completely abandoning who you are. The fact that some people are like this makes me sick.

Fast forward through all the madness, It was now about 2am and I was so ready to leave, I was exhausted from his insecurities that he was taking out on me. He walked me to my car and asked for a hug, so I gave him one. I never knew someone could “hug someone wrong.” But apparently he was not satisfied with the hug he had been given and began to study my hug and point out the flaws and say it shows that I have a lot of issues. Little does he know that I save the real hugs for people that I actually appreciate. At this point I just walked off. His last words to me were asking if he would see me the next day. Yeah, that’s never going to happen.

I think it’s important to be able to recognize people of this nature. I encourage you to think whether or not there is anyone who belittles you and attempts to control you in your life. Take a step back and think about it. Focus on surrounding yourself with people that encourage and empower you to be the best you can be. Make room in your life for people that are genuine and kind and cut out the fake people who try to bring you down. We all only have a certain amount of time to share with others, so make sure the time is spent wisely and not with people that suck the life out of others’ to fill their own void.

What a bizarre night.


  • Zac

    I’ve been following u for a while on snapchat and was intrigued by ur snaps with this “mystery” man at the time. It struck me how he seemed to have such a false bravado driven by an ego and, as u so clearly pointed out, his own insecurities. It’s interesting and eye opening to read the story behind those snaps and to get the insight into how he treats people and tries to capacities on what he perceives to be their weaknesses.

    It’s great that u have the intellect to perceive the reality of the situation, and the strength to stand up to someone who uses strong arms tactics to mask his own weaknesses. It’s sad to think about how many people with a lesser intellect and lesser strength have been conquered by his deplorable character.

    Anyway, ur spirit and ur character is inspiring. I know u usually reserve ur personal snaps for those who pay for it, but if u ever feel like chatting it’d be good if u could add me on snapchat @ zacezac – but I understand that ur time is in high demand

  • JOe

    Stay positive. If you need help with branding and growing your business from a Harvard student, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. -Joe

  • Josh Pelton

    Wow thats probably one of the craziest stories I’ve heard. I agree with your ending about being around people who encourage you and have a positive effect on you. You got used for I don’t know what reason for his insecurities. Sorry that happened to you miss. U seem like a great woman. I love you and your sisters snaps. Forget the negative douche bags.

  • Aaron

    Very interesting story. That dude does seem like a douchebag. Hopefully, you’ll never have to see him again or have another encounter with someone similar again in the future. You’re not only GORGEOUS but you do seem intelligent and have a good business sense too. I’m also one of your followers on Instagram and Snapchat too.

  • $cammin

    That dude is a scam artist with delusions of being more. Scammers can be tremendously successful (Bernie Madoff became a billionaire) but it’s all ultimately a lie. Those YouTube ads he put up were one of many red flags, and I’d encourage everyone to stay away from douches who define success as parting Fool’s from their money.

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