When Your Mom Slides into the DM’s

Today I have a funny story for you guys… So for those of you who don’t know my mother aka “Momma G” I’ll give you a little background. Momma G is a spunky little blonde bombshell who is probably the most social person you’ll ever meet. She’s wild, adventurous, and is always finding ways to match people together. She’s just a cool lady and always finding ways to get into trouble. She likes to slide into the DM’s!


I’m super close with my mom. She’s more like a best friend than an adult figure to me. She’s always left the disciplining up to my dad. LOL


Until a few months ago I allowed Momma G to have access to my Instagram account so she could help respond to messages for me. Let’s just say she managed to lose that privilege because of 3 particular stories! hahahaha


A stack of thousands, a Saudi, and a yacht are all part of the first story… So Momma G was making her Instrgram rounds for the day and a particular DM caught her attention. A Saudi prince was trying to get me to come to Dubai so she figured she’d mess with him over DM’s. He was offering a ridiculous amount of money for me to come visit him.. Obviously I would never! At one point the man who I will keep anonymous was offering $100,000 for my presence. He wanted me to join him on his extravagant yacht so she figured she’d pull his leg and see how far she could take things. At one point he doubled the amount money and said her and her BFF could come too but she would have to give the Prince and I alone time! Hahaha It was absolutely hilarious. The conversation went on over a couple weeks. I finally found out one night when we were at dinner with her Bff and we read through the entire conversation together. So funny! That poor man. LOL


The next case involves a very famous NFL Wide Receiver sliding into my Instagram DM and Momma G responding to him because I guess I didn’t see it. They chatted back and forth for a while apparently! How awkward is that?! What if I run into this guy one day and have no idea that he and “I” (Momma G) have been talking?! It’s hilarious! Sometimes she even gets my grandma in on it! I have a crazy family! LOL The conversation lasted for a while and then I found out about it and just got weirded out about the whole thing and stopped “talking to him” before I was going to be forced to go on a date because of my mom! Haha I could imagine how that would start off… “Oh actually you’ve been talking to my mom this whole time.”


Ok so this last story gets a bit weird and involves me receiving a random Facetime call from a very famous celebrity removing his towel from his waist… Once again this involves Momma G doing her Instagram DM rounds and checking all of “our” messages. Apparently this man was interested in me and decided to message me… so she responded. LOL I guess the conversation escalated and he got a bit strange so she figured she’d play a joke on me and gave him my number and told him to “Facetime her” AKA me! And then I received the Facetime… and it was a naked man! Hahahahah oh God!! This would happen to me!


I have now changed my passwords and she no longer can play on my Instagram haha. Maybe I’ll give her her privileges back ;) They did lead to some funny times. My mom is a total badass! I couldn’t be more thankful for her huge personality! I’ve met so many incredible people because of her. Let’s face it, she’s way cooler than I’ll ever be! ;)


Want me to personally snapchat and video chat with you?! Click the link below! I promise it won't be my momma ;)


  • Level

    Lol this is still great even though I’ve heard all of the stories already :P

  • Jamal Kahnn

    Your mom is so funny just like you. I love the sound of your voice. I think you are so hot. You make my cock so hard when i see your pictutes or videos. Keep them coming. I have a wank over you everyday

  • Jared

    Bri your mom is the greatest lol I would have loved to see ur face when dude drop his towel to show off his meat I know you had to laugh!!!;)

  • Jared

    Bri your mom is the greatest lol I would have loved to see ur face when dude drop his towel to show off his meat I know you had to laugh!!!;)

  • Dana Harripersad

    I can only say this, Bri: thanks for the chuckles that resulted from reading your latest blog entry. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe the story. :)

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