About Bri

Bri grew up in both San Jose and Auburn, California. She is incredibly close with her family, especially her younger sister, Katie. She believes that her international travel experiences have given her an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and the people she has encountered.

Bri is a devoted golfer & lover of sports. When she's not on a photoshoot you'll probably find her on the golf course, hiking or shooting her bow and arrow. 

Bri believes in the power of radiating positive energy and living a healthy lifestyle. She has always been a free spirit who’s not afraid to let her hair down. Bri is passionate about fitness, traveling and education. She has a degree in Political Science. She was an honor student her entire life and puts 100% into everything she does. Bri is passionate about studying history & politics. 

As a model Bri aims to set an example that you can reveal your body yet not let your physical appearance define you. She believes women can have it all: sex appeal, brains, personality, and respect. Her goal is to empower and inspire everyone, especially strong-minded women.

Bri has been published in several magazines as both a model and writer. She has become quite popular on social media and advertises for various brands daily. Between her head turning looks and great personality, she has established vast popularity and notoriety. She loves her fans!